Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello dudes and dudettes.. It's been a while since anyone really posted anything here. I wonder if there's anyone really visiting this blog. Anyway. I was just having a conversation with Destin on msn. We were talking about the good old days and how we used to be such faggots. Well we were both feeling rather nostalgic. So I'll just cut to the chase.

I (Destin too) really miss you guys.

I really do wish that we could like hold a chalet or something. Like a gathering. So because the two of us are bad at planning stuff, we were wondering if someone would be kind enough to do it? :D haha. Anyone who's reading this, if you feel in the mood to do some PLANNING, then plan away. Try to get as many people as possible. And if you need help. Just ask. You have my email. :D. So if anyone is willing to plan please post something up on this blog or in the chat box. Thanks a bunch!

Look forward to seeing you guys real soon! B)


P.s My email -> flavouryblur@hotmail.com :D


Miss us, Not Forget [:
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